Cast of Characters

(in order of appearance)


Professor:  a savant with a twinkle in his eye (age 50-60)*

David/Danielle Boyd:  a college student who hopes to be a famous historian*

Students:  college age men and women (could be older teens)*  

Librarian:  any gender, over 25 years old* 

Erastus Snow:  missionary full of the spirit (age 22-27)

John Horner:  age 20-25

Brother Woodward:  Construction Boss in Nauvoo (age 30-50)

Sister Woodward:  wife (same age)

Their son (age 7-10)

Joseph Smith:  (age 30)

Colonel Levi Williams:  leader of a mob, a loud, rough man. (age 35-45)*

Mobsters (3): rough men of any age

Orson Pratt:  President of the Eastern States Mission (age 29-35)

Samuel Brannon:  man of firm opinions, strong self-interest (age 29)

Elizabeth Imlay:  spunky with a gentle side when she wants to use it (age 20-23)

Sailors:  minimum of three, any age from 16 up 

William Glover:  Scotsman with heavy brogue (age 33)

Dr. John Robbins: (age 36)

Phoebe Robbins:  his pregnant wife (age 34)

Laura Goodwin:  pregnant mother of 7 children (age 33)

Isaac Goodwin:  her husband (age 35)

[The ages of their children can be changed according to what is possible on stage]

Emerette: daughter (13)

Isaac jr.: son (11)

Lewis:  son (9)

Edwin:  son (6)

Nancy: daughter (4)

Ludelia: daughter (3)

Albert: son (1)

A few single women from this list: Lucy Nutting, Rachel Reed, Angeline Lovett, Elizabeth Margaret Poole, Susan Savage, Zelnora Snow

Two Cooks:  any age, male or female

Capt. Able Richardson:  weathered seaman (age 40-50)

Sarah Burr:  (age 24) pregnant mother of young Charlie

Charles Burr: (age 29) her husband

Charlie, a young boy under age 6 (for stage purposes)

Ensign Family, Elias Ensign

Hoe Down callers: one male, one female with good diction (ship passengers)



*Fictional characters

Those in school scene or in the Nauvoo scene can double as people on the boat.